Price Match

The Holmes Hill Furniture Price Match we will try to price match where ever possible to ensure we get your Furniture order.

How does the Price Match work?

Holmes Hill Furniture will match the price of any of our products that you find advertised in a catalogue, High Street shop or on the Internet, at a lower price from any company in the UK. This includes items for sale at a Buy It Now price on eBay from the UK. So if you find a Pinetum chest of drawers on the Internet a fiver cheaper, we'll match it. If your local Furniture store is selling a Table cheaper than us, we'll match their price. We'll also only match a price of a genuine in stock product that could be purchased from a retailer at the price advertised.

Are there any items that are not eligible for the Price Match?

The prices that are not eligible for the Price Match  are items sold at auction, whether in house or online. A Retailer selling items that are backordered and pre-ordered. We will not price match Internet sites and Retailers outside the UK.

I've found an item at a lower price elsewhere, how do I get it matched

If you have found a product at a lower price and would like us to match it, all you need to do is provide us with details of the product such as a website url or the company's name and address, and then we can match the price. 

Anything else I should know?

We will take account carriage charges on Price Match as some retailers charge less for furniture but make up the price by charging high carriage charges.
If we Price match we also match the standard of the other companies delivery which means if the other company only delivers items to the door then we will do the same or if the other company does not assemble a wardrobe then we will do the same. Please bear this in mind as our price includes delivery by two trained people who assemble the furniture and take the packaging away.
If you have already purchased an item from us, we can no longer offer Price Match on orders placed. Our price match cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

Please note

We reserve the right not to price match an item if it means Holmes Hill Furniture makes a loss by Price Matching any product.